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The Unknown Woman
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The Unknown Woman was released in cinemas february 2011. At the moment it is number six among the most succesful Finnish documentary films.This film directed by Elina Kivihalme has 20 000 admissions in Finnish cinemas. The Unknown Woman will be released on DVD autumn 2011.

The Unknown Woman is a documentary film scripted and directed by Elina Kivihalme. It depicts the reality of Finnish agriculture and forestry during the war years, when the home front relied entirely upon the work and endurance of the women. All farm work, caring for the children, woodcutting and other forestry operations were undertaken by the civilians, as the men in their prime were on the front.

2011 78 min DCP /35 mm
Screenwriter and director Elina Kivihalme
DoP Jouko Seppälä F.S.C.
Editor Tuuli Kuittinen
Sound designer Anne Tolkkinen
Production Kinosto Ltd




  Copyright 2008 Kinosto Oy